Improvised Performance by Flula - History of Cool

Flula Borg improvises a beat in the History of Cool headquarters

Tom Waits - Jon Salmon (5 Second Films)-History of Cool

Jon Salmon tells us why Tom Waits and absolute freedom of speech will always be cool.

Jazz Fusion - Forrest Mitchell - History of Cool

Forrest Mitchell talks Jazz Fusion, his parents and how the world would be a cooler place if we had more of a "respect for perspective."

Evil Magazine Founder: "Pope Francis is F**kin' Cool" - History of Cool

Kim Mulligan talks about Pope Francis, Elton John and living your own truth.

Debbie Jhoon: "Gary Oldman, Ben Gazzara, Air Conditioning" - History of Cool

Debbie Jhoon nerds out on Gary Oldman nerding out on Ben Gazzara. Also, air conditioning.

Fashion Photographer: "Memory Fades... Eliminate Fear" - Monica Baddar - History of Cool

Fashion/Model photographer Monica Baddar talks about the ultimate cool, permanence and staying true.