• "George Carlin's Rolling-Paper Diorama Collage" - Kelly Carlin - History of Cool

Jordan Passman: Socks and World Hunger - History of Cool

Jordan Passman, the founder of ScoreAScore.com and one of Forbes' 2014 30 Under 30, talks about how cool socks are and shows off some of his personal collection.He goes on to define what cool is and suggests that it is "insane" that hunger still exists in the world today.

Jay Levin: "Abbie Hoffman, Radical Sanity" - History of Cool

L.A. WEEKLY founder, Jay Levin, talks about Abbie Hoffmanand Radical Sanity. Levin was also editor of the L.A. Weekly (the largest and most successful city weekly in the country) from 1978 to 199. In the interview he discusses his friend, Abbie Hoffman (1936 -- 1989).

Sarah Ho: Roald Dahl is Fantastically Cool - History of Cool

Sarah Ho plays piano, talks about Roald Dahl and tells us why her mom is cool.

Brian Frankish: Peyton Manning and Field of Dreams - History of Cool

Brian Frankish, producer of such films as American Me, Stuart Little, Field of Dreams and many more, and the ahead-of-its-time TV series "Max Headroom," discusses Peyton Manning and how to lose well, and what it is like to stand on a movie set and watch magic happen.

Matjames Metson: Henry Cherry, Surviving Katrina, Appreciating Life - History of Cool

Assemblage artist Matjames Metson shows us his studio, talks about his friend and writer Henry Cherry, surviving the worst displacement of people since the dustbowl, and imagines how wearing Victorian clothes would change our perspective on the luxuries of today.

The Internet - Michael Rousselet (5 Second Films) - History of Cool