"The Rubik's Cube, Peace, and Swagger" - Dan Brown - History of Cool

Video blogger and Fuse TV host Dan Brown talks about the Rubik's Cube, how cool is hard to quantify, and how technology is becoming a nervous system for the planet.

"George Carlin's Rolling-Paper Diorama Collage" - Kelly Carlin - History of Cool

Kelly Carlin brings in the only collage George Carlin made, compares 'cool' to 'obscene,' and reminds us to look each other in the eye.(1936 -- 1989).

Obama: "For me, the coolest thing..." ABC News - History of Cool

ABC Eyewitness News Anchor Diana Williams interviewed Barack Obama last Tuesday and asked him what the coolest part of being President is.

Dan Bern: "Willie Mays is Cool" - History of Cool

Dan Bern tells us about Willie Mays, and suggests what to do if you suspect you're not cool.

Elena Irving: "My Mother Was Cool" - History of Cool

Elena Irving tells us about her mother, the arts, and equates cool to nirvana.

Fredde Duke: "Gangsters and the Twist" - History of Cool

Fredde Duke tells us about her father, movie producer Maurice Duke, and about doing the Twist in a movie with Louis Prima. She shares her thoughts on the coolness of "the underdog."