• Manuel Rebollo - Three Questions with Heechae Chon - History of Cool

Zendaya from Shake It Up - Minay Matthews - History of Cool

Minay Matthews tells us why Zendaya from Disney's "Shake It Up" is tall, colorful and cool. Minay tells us that being yourself, being your own clique and being fashionable and sassy are cool.

The Journey - Doug Haley - History of Cool

Doug Haley tells us about how the journey of life is cool, why keeping a journal keeps him on track, Kierkegaard vs. Nietzsche on herd mentality, and an African tribe's Circle of Good.

Cool Two - John Rogers - History of Cool

John Rogers tells us how his grandmother made him feel cool, and taught him to keep at a "cool two."

Magic and a Four Aces Card Trick - Jimmy Xie - History of Cool

Jimmy Xie performs a card trick for us and talks about why he thinks magic is cool, and how it makes our world a better place.

The Mysteriousness of Science - Pedro Correa - History of Cool

Pedro Correa tells us why he thinks science is mysterious and cool.

Shakespeare - Rhiannon McGavin (The Geeky Blonde) - History of Cool

Rhiannon McGavin shares her love of William Shakespeare with us today and tells us how she would make the world a cooler place.